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Admission criteria2019-06-06T15:48:13+03:00
Interpreters with the following formal qualifications are accepted as members:2016-07-10T10:38:46+03:00
  • Conference interpreting graduates (holders of a bachelor or master’s degree) who have worked a minimum of 100 days as conference interpreters.
  • University graduates with training in conference interpreting who have worked a minimum of 120 days as conference interpreters.
What if I don’t meet the forenamed requirements?2019-06-06T15:48:14+03:00

Interpreters who do not meet one of the forenamed requirements but have worked at least 150 days and are seasoned reputable practitioners will be accepted, following proposal by the admissions committee and a unanimous decision by the BoD.

What are the other requirements for joining SYDISE?2016-07-10T10:51:24+03:00

Interpreters must have registered as interpreters with the tax authorities and actively work as interpreters.

How can you prove registration with the tax authorities and that you actively work as an interpreter?2016-07-10T10:52:35+03:00

Conference interpreters registered in Greece must submit a pdf printout of the “business registry details” from the Greek online government tax website

How are days of work calculated?2016-07-10T10:57:30+03:00

Only those days of work where interpreters are exclusively engaged in conference interpreting (consecutive/simultaneous or whispered interpretation) and not court (legal) or liaison (escort) interpreting are taken into account.

How can you prove days of work?2019-06-06T15:48:14+03:00

Prospective members shall submit a list detailing their days of work (date/title of the conference/working languages) and the corresponding copies of their invoices/receipts. For reasons of confidentiality, fees and client names can be redacted.

What does “training in interpreting” mean?2016-07-10T11:01:20+03:00

For training in interpreting to be considered applicable, the curriculum must include classes in consecutive and simultaneous interpretation of a duration of at least six (6) months

You can find our Statutes here.2019-11-08T00:47:57+03:00