Admission criteria

The following persons shall be accepted as full members:

d1. Anyone who holds a degree in conference interpreting (bachelor’s or master’s degree) and has a minimum of 100 days working as a conference interpreter.


d2. Anyone who holds any other higher education degree, with training in conference interpreting and a minimum of 120 days working as a conference interpreter.


d3. Anyone who is a graduate of higher education and has more than 150 working days.


d4. Anyone who does not fulfil the above requirements but has more than 150 working days and enjoys a high level of prestige in the field of interpreting and is accepted by a unanimous decision of the Board.

The following persons may register as associate members:

(a) undergraduate and/or postgraduate students on courses specialising in interpreting in Greece and abroad,

(b) graduate interpreters who do not yet meet the full membership criteria for the Association, and

(c) professional interpreters who partially meet the full membership criteria for the Association.

The purpose in including associate members is for them to subsequently register as full members, and the maximum period for which one can be an associate member is 4 years, extendible for a further 2 years where there are suitable grounds for doing so.

Associate members are entitled to attend and speak at the General Meeting but have no voting rights, nor do they have the right to elect or be elected, nor shall they appear in the Association’s online register.

Working days refers solely to days worked as a conference interpreter (consecutive/simultaneous or chuchotage) and not court or escort interpreting.

Working days shall be proven in the following way:

Those applying for membership shall provide a list with days worked (setting out the date/conference title/working languages).  The Board has the prerogative to request additional documentation from candidates (including copies of invoices for conference interpreting services provided by the candidate).

The above supporting documents shall be verified by the Board as being complete and accurate, assisted in this task by any special committee which may be set up for that purpose.

Applicants must be registered with the tax office as an interpreter and must continue to carry on the profession of conference interpreter.

The interpreter’s curriculum must have included at least 6 months of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting training.

To join the Association, the following supporting documents must be submitted in light of the foregoing points:

  1. A new membership application form
  2. Main university qualification.
  3. Postgraduate qualifications in conference interpreting, if appropriate, or a certificate on successful completion of a conference interpreting training course as defined herein, if appropriate.
  4. A list of working days and any other evidence.
  5. Curriculum vitae.
  6. Certificates demonstrating language proficiency for the working language combinations stated in the application for membership, when the application is not based on university studies, and for the addition of new language combinations.
  7. Proof that one is carrying on the profession issued by the General Secretariat for Information Systems (GSIS) of the Ministry of Economy & Finance ( for those based in Greece, or a similar document in the case of persons based abroad.
  8. A solemn declaration from the applicant that he/she has read and accepts the provisions of the Association’s Statutes and the Code of Conduct