Who we are

SYDISE is a not-for-profit association and has its registered office in Athens. It was set up in 2014 by professional conference interpreters, who identified the need for a collective body dedicated to the specific interpreting sector across Greece.  Its role is to act as an interface between its members on the one hand and the market and community in general on the other. It aims to play an informal regulatory role, both for practitioners and the market, providing ongoing information and training for all stakeholders.

The Association has specific goals vis-à-vis conference interpreting stakeholders and engages in the following actions:

 For SYDISE members SYDISE

  • keeps members informed of events and developments in the conference interpreting sector in Greece and abroad
  • maintains and publishes a registry and directory of interpreters throughout Greece.
  • ensures that professional rules are applied and working conditions for conference interpreters are continually upgraded
  • produces templates/standardised texts (such as interpreting contracts) that promote good practices in the field
  • fosters and protects good professional standards and practices
  • observes a code of ethics and informs clients about it
  • safeguards and represents the collective interests and rights of its members
  • provides assistance to members claiming their reasonable rights in the event of disputes
  • contributes to the continuing education and training of interpreters through seminars, conferences, meetings, publications etc.
  • encourages discussion amongst practitioners in the field on all platforms that provide communication between and information to members, e.g. website, e-mail newsletter, social media

For the interpreting community at large SYDISE

  • promotes the importance for conference interpreters to join SYDISE
  • engages in ongoing communication with university faculties involved in conference interpreting.
  • informs interpreters who have just graduated or are just starting out about the issues and rules related to working as an interpreter
  • collaborates and engages in exchanges with similar associations in the fields of interpreting and translation
  • participates in industry-wide organizations/federations or confederations which may be established in the future
  • participates in international associations in the interpreting sector

For the Industry sector SYDISE

provides information and engages in discussion about the requirements of conference interpreting with:

  • conference interpreting and audio-visual equipment providers
  • conference organisers
  • radio and television stations
  • conference venues
  • accreditation bodies responsible for maintaining standards of conference facilities intended for interpretation

For users and prospective clients of interpreting services SYDISE

  • maintains and publishes a registry and directory of interpreters
  • clarifies the interpreters’ obligations
  • provides information on appropriate and dignified working conditions
  • provides opinions and decisions on the suitability of interpreting venues or facilities
  • intervenes to resolve disputes

For society in general SYDISE

  • showcases, enhances and improves the image of conference interpreting.